Hair Color

A custom color formulated by one of our artists can enhance your signature style or help keep your little secret. We are well versed in tried and true color services, whether that be subtle lowlights, gray coverage or a vibrant all-over color. We also specialize in color correction for when box color goes wrong or a color application doesn’t match your vision. We ensure attention to detail and excellence, so that our clients are able to leave our salon with hair that will turn heads in Barboursville.

Hair Color    
One Step Color (base color): From $136.00
Are you looking to add some kick to your existing color? Or perhaps just cover the gray? Maybe you’re ready for a dramatic all over change. You won’t find designers with more advanced education than the staff at Studio Ron Wilson. We will formulate the perfect shade to fit your needs and flatter your skin tone.
Balayage/Ombre: From $161.00
Foil Dimension/ Highlighting: From $151.00
We know that no two heads of highlights are the same. Therefore, each color guest has a formula and technique that is personalized to custom fit the client. We consider the color of your eyes, and your complexion before we make any suggestions regarding your color. Combine that with the look you desire, your face shape, maintenance desires, and the latest trends, and we are sure to come up with the perfect formulas and techniques.
Cap Dimension/ Highlighting: From $156.00
Two Step Color Or additional color product used: $15 per unit
Two quick steps and you have beautiful, multi-faceted colour. Talk to our expert Keune Color Specialist today!
Corrective Color: $35 per hour
Some people manage successfully to receive the color they desire when applying color at home, or having a color service by a ‘less than experienced’ colorist. Sometimes, the adventure goes awry. If you've had a bad experience with color, you certainly don’t want to attempt to correct it at home, nor should you allow someone with little or no experience in ‘Color Correction’, perform this type of advanced service. Most often, this only makes the situation worse and could result in your hair being damaged and almost impossible to reach a desirable shade. Per hour added to base color price.